Come journey with us.

Everyone is on a journey. At Christ Our Hope our journey has led us to follow in the Path of Jesus Christ. None of us have "arrived" but we are all moving towards God one step at a time. Our corporate worship itself reflects this truth as we gather in Christ's name and are led deeper and deeper into His Presence, as we hear His Word read and proclaimed, and as we encounter Him in the bread and the wine of Communion.

Wherever you are in your journey, come join us.



Visitors to Christ Our Hope may notice that we do not offer a lot of traditional “programming"; this is a deliberate philosophy we try to uphold.  We believe that the kind of Kingdom ministry Jesus calls us to happens mostly outside the four walls of the Church building.  Sadly, many Christians find themselves so busy with organized church activities throughout the week that they don’t have the time to connect with other members outside of those programs or more to the point, connect with unchurched friends, relations and co-workers.  We believe that ministry to the Body is done when one member picks up the phone to call another and see how they are doing or provides a meal when a family needs it.  And we believe that most people who are disconnected from God and from Church are going to come through the front door of a member’s home, not the front door of our building.

Similarly, we have a different approach to Children’s Ministry.  We believe that the primary place children are made disciples of Jesus is their own homes as they see their parents model what it means to follow Jesus.  We also believe that the Christian liturgy (the prayers and order of worship we use each week) is the primary tool the Church can offer a family in aiding in this work of disciple making.  We believe our children are most impacted by learning to worship Jesus by…well worshipping.  This is why we put such an emphasis on worshipping together as families and with the whole Parish community.  As such, we do not offer a children’s ministry program that begins when families walk in the door on a Sunday morning and ends when they are ready to leave.  Children spend the majority of their Sunday morning worshipping with the whole gathered community, participating in the singing, the prayers, listening to Scripture read aloud and participating in the Lord’s Table.  We do however acknowledge that it is important for children to hear a Bible message appropriate to their own developmental level.  So, during the sermon and some of the liturgy that immediately follows it, children are dismissed to the children’s ministry classrooms to learn together in a way that we trust will plant the Good News of Jesus deep in their hearts.


The Christ Our Hope facility is available for members use only.  Scheduling requests can be made by filling out this form and emailing it to the church administrator at These requests are considered on a first come/first serve basis and are preferably received two weeks in advance.